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Eli recently lost one of his back toes due to a spider bite or could be a snake bite, it all depends on which vet you talk to in the practice.  Either way, I had the choice to save his leg by removing his toe and hoping for the best or just remove his leg.  Of course I went the most expensive way, and saved his foot and leg!  He was a lot of work but he is well worth it to me. 

Eli is a smallish dane, about 30" tall and roughly 110 lbs but he is well put together.  His vet bill put off his health testing, but as soon as I survie 3 graduations this year, I'll get started on that ASAP.

Pedigree for Angel Heart's Cloud Breaker v Phelan
GrCh. Angel Hearts v TR Just Call Me Mr. Dangerous (Harle)
 TR Special Agent  CH JB T.R.'s the Icon (boston  CH JB Michealdane Spotless
 TR's Rose of Sharon
TR's Sentimental Reaction (Harle)
 TR's Zeus of Coalfield
 Coalfield's Touch of Magic
 Angel Hearts Black Sands of Time (Boston)  CH Mi Valedor Maximus Aurelius (Boston)  Falstaff's Barnacle Bill Rox
 Mavrick's Marina N. Patchworks
 Angel Heart's Betcha By Golly (Harle)
 B B Great Expectations of Jerdan
 Ty-Stars Warrior Princess
 Ch. Angel Hearts Black Magic Voodoo Doll (Boston)  Ch. Valinor's Southern Rock Cnd (black)  BIS, BiSS, AKC, INT Ch. Servadeielecta Kahnsonothor, CGC, ROM (Fawn)  CH Warwick's Thor Bodane (Fawn)
 CH Warwick's Jellysidedown (Fawn)
 Ch. Valinor's I'll Take You There (black)  Ch. Longo's The Last Tycoon (blk)
 Ch. Valinor's Tumbling Dice (blk)
 Valinor's Pink Martini (black)  Biss GCh Valinor-Chesire's For the Ride, AOM (black)  CH. Valinor's Pink Floyd (blk)
 Ch. Valinor's I'll Take You There (blk)
 Wysiwyg-Valinor River of Dreams (black)  Ch. Valinor's N Our Wildest Dream (blk)
 Can/AM/Int Ch. Wysiwyg's Watcher Sashay HR (blk)


Our chocolate boy, that is due to be neutered once I get things caught back up from Eli's surgery.  Cacao is a BIG boy, about 34" or so tall, at last weigh he was about 140 lbs. 


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